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Children's Fancy Dress Ideas for World Book Day

Libraries and schools will be celebrating World Book Day on the 1st of March 2012, with a host of events happening across the globe to reinforce the wonder of books. World Book Day represents a great opportunity to get children engaged in stories and discover the love of reading, and fancy dress costumes can play a part in that. Wearing fancy dress for World Book Day can help characters come alive, letting children empathise with characters and lose themselves in the worlds being described. Readers of all ages can get even more out of books by becoming the characters in their stories, with children's fancy dress helping youngsters to engage their imaginations and explore famous literary characters themselves.

We have a number of fancy dress costumes for children that are characters from books, while it is equally possible to buy fancy dress costumes from our range which, with a bit of imagination, can create a cast for children's book favourites. A good example is our selection of children's pirate costumes which are perfect to help children engage with any pirate story. Children will love their pirate fancy dress costumes as part of a project centered around Stevenson's Treasure Island, becoming the characters they have read about.

Fairy tales are a great way for children to learn to love reading and fancy dress is a good way to really invigorate a child's appreciation for the classic tales. Little Red Riding Hood is an excellent example where the act of reading the fairy tale can be enhanced by allowing children to dress up in red riding hood fancy dress. Another option, and one which many children will be aware of from Disney adaptations, is Snow White. Our children's Snow White costumes will really help children to think that the story is the fairest of them all.

Classic tales like Robin Hood are great to centre children's projects around, with our children's Robin Hood costumesperfect to add an extra dimension for kids to get inside the story. Allowing children to engage with the characters they read about with fancy dress costumes can reinforce their love of reading by creating a fun and lively environment in which to learn about books and the value of reading.

We have Three Musketeers costumes that are great to bring to life the characters in the novel by Alexandre Dumas, as well as several Wizard of Oz costumes that can help children get to grips with the story and empathise with its characters. Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book has a host of fancy dress ideas for exotic animals that will delight children learning about this classic book. Our jungle book costumes are inexpensive but invaluable in helping children to fall in love with reading.

In modern times there has been nothing that has come close to Harry Potter as a children's book sensation, and we have a full range of Harry Potter costumes that will delight children. World Book Day is about celebrating books, engaging children and giving a spark to imaginations, and a fancy dress costume that links in with a story is an excellent way to help children get inside their favourite characters.