World Book Day 2014 Costume Ideas

February 6, 2014

World Book Day Costume Ideas

World Book Day 2014 - which is on the Thursday 6th March - is rapidly approaching! For many of you we're sure that your little one will be arriving home one day with a letter from school informing you that they are getting involved with World Book Day, and as a result they'll most likely be expected to don a costume of their favourite character from a book!

If you (or they!) are struggling for ideas, then have a look at the following:

We think they'd look fantastic in any Harry Potter Costumes, the black and red of Dennis the Menace or in full Horrid Henry regalia!

What a selection to choose from! We think that some of the more popular costumes will be anything to do with Harry Potter (Hermione all the way!), any Disney Princess (remember, the books came before the films) and - of course - Alice in Wonderland!

We hope that some of the above have given you some good ideas. And remember, the whole point of World Book Day is to promote the joys of reading - you never know, organising a costume may even make you think about some of your favourite childhood books which you can now rediscover!

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